Are you products authentic?

Watch Arena guarantees that all products sold through us are 100% authentic. To reassure you, we include original packaging and certificates of authenticity when possible!

Are you an authorized dealer?

While we are NOT an authorized dealer, we obtain all of our products from authorized vendors. In order to ensure this, we constantly monitor our vendors for quality standards that we stand behind.

What are your warranties?

sepapa888在线观看视频Since we are not an authorized dealer, warranties from the manufacturer are void. In turn, we offer warranties that mimic those of the manufacturer so that you receive the same quality product with the same warranty you’d expect from the manufacturer. Inquire about the warranty to your specific piece.

What security measures do you have in place?

sepapa888在线观看视频At Watch Arena, we take the security of your personal information very seriously.  All your information such as name, address and especially your payment information is held privately and will only ever be used for billing, verification and shipping purposes. Fraudulent purchases will be immediately reported for the safety of our company and our customers.

How quickly do your items ship?

We have a large selection of timepieces and, as such, hope to get your order out within 1-2 business days. With that being said, if there’s any hold-up whatsoever, we will immediately contact you to inform you of the expected waiting time. You will not immediately be charged for any item not in stock.

Are your shipments insured?

We purchase insurance for the full cost of any item that we ship. Because of the value of our products, please note that an adult will need to sign upon delivery.

Do you accept returns?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return your item with all of its original packaging for a full refund. You will only be responsible for return shipment, taxes, and any duty charges. Please note that returns must be made within 7 days of you receiving the product. 
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